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What are the Right Scarves for Different Occasions?

Right Scarves for the occasion

The right scarves for different occasions are the ones that are more fitting for a specific occasion. During winter, you would need to wear a scarf anywhere you go, be it work, special events, or casual outings. You would wear a scarf that protects you from cold, and at the time, fitting for the occasion. […]

What is the Best Colour For a Scarf?

Best colour for a scarf

Choosing the best colour for a scarf comes with no fixed rule. You have to look for something that suits the type of person you are in appearance. It also needs to match with almost any outfits in your wardrobe. Then, look for a colour that is trending in your area at that particular time. […]

What are the Best Fabrics for a Scarf?

Best fabrics for a scarf

Choosing the best fabrics for a scarf can sometimes be challenging, especially if you know little or nothing about scarves. Knowing about scarves is not just enough for you; you also should know the kind of materials that keep you warm during winter and those that keep you cool during summer. Scarves serve mainly as […]

What are the Types of Scarves and Their Functions?

Types of scarves

There are different types of scarves and their functions which some of us may not know much about them. Although you may know their names and materials used in making them, it is also good to know their functions. A scarf is a fabric that people wrap or tie around their neck, either for protection […]

10 Types of Scarves You Should Know

Scarves you should know

There are 10 types of scarves you should know if you’re a scarf lover. A scarf is a piece of fabric that people wear around their neck. People wear them for different purposes like against cold during winter, for comfort, and also for fashion. The scarf you wear gives you a different look, especially when […]

10 Ways You Can Use Your Scarf


There are more than 10 ways you can use your scarf, especially if you are the kind that ties your scarf around your neck wherever you go. You might find it hard tying your scarf perfectly, or you just want to explore new ways of tying a scarf. Whatever the case, you should tie your […]