10 Ways You Can Use Your Scarf


There are more than 10 ways you can use your scarf, especially if you are the kind that ties your scarf around your neck wherever you go. You might find it hard tying your scarf perfectly, or you just want to explore new ways of tying a scarf. Whatever the case, you should tie your scarf smartly so that you would look smart. You should buy the right kind of scarf for use when considering one. Getting a short one would be best, especially when you want to use it for necktie and drapes. You should use  long scarves when tying a complicated knot.

There are also some scarves that you can use during heavy winter, and they are perfect for tying a simple toss and tuck. There are other types of scarves we won’t be mentioning, but I want to know that there’s more you can do with your scarf than just throwing it around your neck. They can help to change your looks, by adding meaning to your dressing. Some scarves are used for fashion to match your outfit, while you can use some as protection for your neck during heavy wintertime. Now, let’s look at the 10 ways you can use your scarf.

10 Ways You Can Use Your Scarf

The Tie Loop

This the first of the 10 ways you can use your scarf. You should start by wrapping your scarf around your neck and let it be even at the front. Then, you should cross the left side over the right and bring it behind right passing the hole around your neck. Pull the right end to the left, then push it upward passing the loop you’ve made. Then, adjust the nut so that it will look like a man’s tie that’s loose. The style looks like a men’s tie.

The Braid

Start by folding your scarf in two and put it over your neck. Grab the scarf by the loose ends and pull them lightly, passing the loop. Then, you should twist the loop and pull the loose ends passing it a second time. Now, what you have to do is to continue the twist of the loop and at the same time pulling the ends till there’s no more of it.

Single Side Bow

You should start by wrapping your scarf around your neck as usual, and place one side over the other and cross it. You need to use one of your hands to make some part of it into a loop. You should wrap the side opposite the hand that you used in gathering it around the loop, and it should go down through the loop. Then, you should tighten the knot and also turn the scarf to make the bow sit on your shoulder. That’s your single side bow.

The Classy Knot

You should first fold the scarf into a triangle form, and fold the centre twice over itself. Now, place it around your neck, and grab both ends. Tie a knot in one of those ends, and pull the second end through it. Then, you should set the knot to whatever height you prefer.

False Knot

A way to use your scarf

Take your scarf and wrap it behind your neck, and then wrap one side around your hand. You should now pull it so that you would have a loose knot. Pull the other end through a side knot going beneath the knot loop, and do it again.

Knotted Necklace

You need first place your scarf behind your neck, and tie a knot either at the right or left side, followed by the other. Then, tie the loose ends to each other. After that, you need to let the knot be in front, and the ends should be behind. To do that, you just have to turn it.

The Shawl

You don’t need to stress yourself with this style because it’s simple. Pick up your scarf and hang it around your shoulders, and the ends drop down the front of your shoulders.

Knotted Shawl

First, you should place the scarf around your shoulders. Then, use the ends to form a half knot behind. Now, you need to pull the ends to the up of your back by tightening it. Finally, use the remaining part of it to cover the tied end not to be visible.

Front tie

Start by draping the scarf over your shoulder. Then, let the ends be on your torso. Now, you’ll need to cross the ends over each other and tie them.

The Head Wrap

You can use your scarf as a head wrap, but first, you need to fold the scarf in half. After that, put it on your head and let the middle be on your forehead. Then, tie the ends at the back to make it firm.


There are numerous ways you can use your scarf, but you’ve just learnt the 10 ways you can use your scarf. You should try any of those styles if you’re tired of the old ways you use to tie it.