What Types of Tote Bags are in style?

Types of tote bags in style

There are different types of tote bags in style, and most of these totes have a practical use. Most people classify totes according to their use. There are different totes bags women use for work, shopping, and travelling. Women love tote handbags because it fits for almost all occasions. It is also a bag that can carry almost everything you need; it might be to work, shopping, short trips, picnic, and beach. This makes the tote bag a popular bag among women, and it is the bag they mostly use. So, choosing the right tote bag for the occasion may not be as easy as some may think. You need to know the different types of tote bags in style and also the occasion to use them.

Tote Bag

A tote bag is a big handbag with two parallel handles attached to the sides of the bags. The handles are usually long so that you can use them in two ways. You can hold the handles in your hand, or you can hang them over your shoulder. They do not have a strap. Most tote bags usually have an open-top without zips, although there are few ones with a zipped top. Tote bags usually have shapes that are either rectangular or square. Makers use different materials like canvas and leather in making tote bags, but the most common materials are silk and cotton fabrics. Tote bags usually have one single compartment that is large enough to contain many things.

Types of Tote Bags

Work Tote

Types of tote bags in style

A work tote is a tote bag that women use for work. They have designs that are different from other types of tote bags. They are not as big as other tote bags like shopping tote and travel tote. The work tote has two parallel handles attached to its sides. These handles are long, allowing a woman to carry it in two ways. Women can hold these tote bags in their hand, and they can hang it over their shoulder. The makers usually make work totes from leather materials. Work totes are large, and they can contain work items like tablet devices, laptops, and documents. Most work tote bags have a structured shape with a classic design. The structured shape of the handbag helps to keep documents inside them in good shape and also in a neat condition.

Travel Tote

Types of tote bags in style

The travel tote is a large bag with one big compartment where you can put all of the things you might need on your journey. The travel tote has two parallel handles fixed to the bag’s sides, and they are long enough for either holding or hanging over the shoulder. A travel tote does not replace the luggage. Instead, people use it to support their luggage. So, most people use a travel tote alongside their luggage. It is a comfort bag because it gives you easy access to your things inside it.

Shopping Tote

Types of tote bags in style

One of the common uses of a tote bag is shopping. The shopping tote is a large, strong and durable handbag that can fit a lot of things. People use shopping totes for different shopping, including groceries. It is also wide and rectangular. Like every other tote, these bags have two parallel handles attached to its side. Most shopping totes have a single big compartment for putting a lot of large shopping items in it. The tote can be of different materials like canvas, cloth, or leather.

Beach Tote

Beach tote

It is usual to see someone going to the beach with a small bag. Everyone goes to the beach with a big, and no bag is as big and comfortable as a beach tote. The beach tote is a large and strong bag that is spacious enough to carry all the essential things you might need at the beach. The materials the makers use in making this tote bag can be cloth or jute.

Picnic Tote

Picnic tote

The picnic tote is a bag for casual outings. Like every tote, it is large and spacious for carrying some of the things you might want to use at the picnic. This tote is slightly different from others because of the handles at the top, and you cannot hang it over your shoulder. The picnic tote comes with a strap, something that is not in other totes. The strap is adjustable and also detachable. This tote comes with outer pockets where you can keep smaller and slimmer items. Tote makers usually make a picnic tote with polyester materials. 


The different types of tote bags that are in style have their specific purposes. Women use them for work, shopping, travel, and casual outings.