What Types of Fashion Handbags are in style?

Types of Clutch Handbags in trend

Different types of fashion handbags are in style, and you should know them if you are a handbag person. Fashion handbags are beautiful and attractive in looks, and every woman owns one or two of these bags in their wardrobe. They are not handbags for everyday use, that is why you won’t see them on the street every day. Women use a fashion bag only on special occasions. If you want to see some types of fashion handbags in style, I’ll suggest that you go to any special events like dinners, weddings, after-parties, or you can simply ask a girl out on a date. You’ll see a lot of fashion handbags if you go to any of those events.

Fashion Handbags

A fashion handbag is a stylish bag women use for fashion. It is a small bag that can carry only small essential items like lipsticks, smartphones, and wallets. Not all fashion handbags are small; some come big with attractive looks. Some bags like the shoulder bag and tote bag have variants that are for fashion. Most fashion handbags do not have handles because women hold the bag in their hand. Some of these bags come with a long strap to hang over the shoulder, but very few people hang them across their body like a crossbody bag. The straps are usually leather, but very stylish bags usually have chain straps.

Fashion bags rarely have a zip closure; most of them have a buckle closure and other metal closure types. They are usually rectangular, and some of them have hard sides with precious stones decorations. The makers use different materials in making a fashion bag; some of them are leather and cotton. 

Types of Fashion Handbags


Types of Fashion Handbags in style

A clutch is a small fashion handbag without handles, but some of them come with detachable chain straps. They are suitable for special events like weddings, dinners, dates, and parties. They have little space to carry a lot of things. So, when carrying a clutch, you need to be mindful of how many things you want to carry. Women carry small and lighter items like lipsticks, cards, and keys in their clutch. The makers cover the body of most clutches with precious stones that give it a beautiful look. Most people think a clutch is for evening use alone; you can use a clutch for daytime events. A clutch is lightweight, and it is comfortable carrying it in your hand.


Types of Fashion Handbags in style

Like the clutch, the minaudiere is a small fashion handbag for special events. Some have a metal finish, such as gold and silver, all over them. Women hold the minaudiere in their hand, and it also has a strap to hang over the shoulder. The bag has a rectangular shape with a small space for keeping things. It can contain women things like lipsticks, make-up, and cash. A minaudiere is not a bag for everyday use, and women use only on special occasions.

Baguette Bag

The baguette bag is not as small as a clutch or minaudiere. It is a fashion bag for special settings in formal and casual form like a date and parties. You can use the baguette to carry bigger things than a clutch. It can carry things like a smartphone, wallet, and cash. The maker usually uses leather in making the baguette bag. The bag is secure due to its buckle lock system. The baguette has a handle attached to the bag’s sides, and you can use it for holding the bag, or you can hang it over your shoulder.

Crossbody Bag

Types of Fashion Handbags in style

The crossbody bag is also a small bag made of leather. All crossbody bags come with a long strap to hang over your shoulder because they do not have handles. You can also hang the bag across your body; some crossbody bags usually have detachable chain straps. A crossbody bag is suitable for special occasions and also casual outings.

Bucket bag

Bucket Bag

Most bucket bags are medium size handbags, and they are of leather materials. They have rounded bottoms and a drawstring closure. You can hang the bucket bag across your body because it comes with a long strap. It is a fashion handbag that is best for informal outings. Unlike the clutch, the bucket bag has enough space for carrying bigger items.

Satchel Bag

Satchel Bag

Women satchel bags are fashion handbags made of leather. Like a crossbody bag, women’s satchels have a long strap to wear across your body. The bag is a beautiful and attractive handbag in a rectangular shape. Most satchels have a buckle closure and a flap to which the buckle is attached. Also, the flap extends over the bag’s top that covers the zip. Women satchel have different designs from the regular one. They rarely have a flap and handle, and some of them also have stylish designs.


The types of fashion handbags that are in style have a beautiful and attractive look. Women use them on special occasions, whether in casual or formal settings. This fashion bags can also fit limited items a woman usually carries with her.