10 Types of Scarves You Should Know

Scarves you should know

There are 10 types of scarves you should know if you’re a scarf lover. A scarf is a piece of fabric that people wear around their neck. People wear them for different purposes like against cold during winter, for comfort, and also for fashion. The scarf you wear gives you a different look, especially when they match your dress and handbag. They make them with different materials such as wool, cotton or silk depending on the purpose they would serve. A scarf is not for neck use alone. Some people wear them to cover their head, while some tie them on their wrist.

10 Types of Scarves You Should Know


Silk Scarf

A silk scarf is a product of silk. It is lightweight. A scarf made of silk is usually of good quality. The scarf is suitable in the summertime due to their lightweight nature.

Cotton Scarf

As the silk scarf, a cotton scarf is best during the summertime because of their lightweight nature. This scarf stays in place when you use them around your neck. Also, it is soft and comfortable and does not cause skin irritation. It is good for tying in numerous ways, and it goes with everything. You can use a cotton scarf to cover the head because it protects you from heat and wind during summer.  They come in different colours, sizes, patterns, and designs of choice.

Chiffon Scarf

This scarf is light because they make it with lightweight materials. It is suitable for tying around your neck to a formal evening dinner. It also matches with informal outfits, and you can wear them both day and night. Chiffon is a fabric good for making a scarf because it drapes well. It is a thin scarf, and you can add trims along the edges of the scarf. Some of these scarves have cool multiple colours, and you can use them for fashion. 

Wool Scarf

A wool scarf is a thick scarf used during winter. People use it around their neck to ward off cold. Wool is a material that makes you warm in the winter season, and it makes you cold in the summer. A high-quality wool scarf is soft and comfortable when you wear one. Most of these scarves are hand knitted, and they come in many shapes, sizes and colours. Some of them even have multiple colours. They make a wool scarf from wool gotten from the body of a mammal.

Fleece Scarf

Like the wool scarf, the fleece scarf is a scarf that is suitable for the winter season. They make this scarf with thick materials that can withstand winter cold.

Bandana Scarf

Bandana scarf is a small scarf people wear in different styles around the body. You can tie it around your neck like every other scarf, and you can also tie it to cover your head. You can wear it around your wrist, and you can also tie it as a mask to cover your nose. It is square, and most of them have borders around the edges. A bandana scarf is a product of cotton.

Net Scarf

A net scarf is a product of net fabrics like tulle because they are smooth and fine. Net is a lightweight fabric, and the scarf is good, especially in the summer season. A net scarf is usually used for fashion, and you can use it with a formal outfit. This scarf will look attractive with trims like laces or chain at the edges.

Velvet Scarf

Scarf makers makes velvet scarf from velvet, woven fabric with a short thick pile usually on one side. The scarf is thick and heavy. Also, it is warm and soft, and it protects you from cold in winters. They are available in a variety of colours.

Plaid Scarf

Plaid is a scarf made out of wool fabrics. It is one of the most appropriate scarves for the winter season. People use it for protection against cold. It comes in different colours, including the tartan checked pattern most men wear.

Cashmere scarf

Companies make cashmere scarf from the cashmere which is from the undercoat of a cashmere goat. Cashmere is an all-weather scarf because it keeps you warm in the winter season, and it doesn’t make you sweat in the summer season.


Some 10 types of scarves you should know are those that you use for warmth in winters, and also those that you use for fashion. You can use them around your neck, head and wrist.