How Many Handbags does the Average Woman Own?

Handbags for women

There are different types of handbags, and they are for various purposes. Some handbags are small while some are large. The average woman owns many handbags she uses for different functions. Those bags might be between 6 to 8. But handbags have a general-purpose, which is for carrying things around to all places a woman visits. Handbags are bags which can be medium to large, and women use it for carrying their personal belongings. They come in many shapes, designs, colours, materials, and sizes.

The Usefulness of Handbags for the Average Woman

The Average Woman Uses Handbags for Carrying Her Belongings.

Most women carry handbags to carry their belongings. Some items in an average woman’s bag include cosmetic, mirror, purse, mobile phones, and sometimes tissue paper. This handbag conveys those items with the woman wherever she may go throughout the day.

The Average Woman Uses Handbags to Show Off

Fashion bags are fancy bags. The bags are meant for their owners to flaunt it, and they mostly come in small sizes. You can use this kind of bags to carry some of your necessary belongings, but the number of items it can hold is limited. You use these kinds of bags when attending events such as a party. They are usually made from expensive materials and can be a little more costly than other bags. They are mainly for show off.

The Average Woman Uses Handbags to Stand Out from the Crowds

Your handbags can describe you, and how well prepared you are. It makes you attractive and stands out from others. It might even cause others to notice or listen to you.

Handbags Tell More about Your Status

A designer handbag tells more about a woman’s status. It also says more about her social and financial freedom. A woman carrying an expensive luxury handbag would be assumed rich.

Types of Handbags for Women


Wristlet is a small handbag that is good for hanging around your wrist. It is suitable for weekend outings. Also, wristlet is small and cannot fit a lot of things.

Shopper bag

You can use it for shopping and other activities. It has a small strap and can good for hanging on your shoulder.


It is a stylish office bag made for businesswomen. Documents and other simple office materials are stored inside.

Structured Handbag

It is a fashionable office bag for businesswomen. Documents can easily fit into it.

Chain Strap

It is a fashionable bag. The shiny leather makes it attractive to women.

Rounded Handbag

Its design is for both official and casual outings. Women can store some of their items like purse, phone and cosmetics in this bag.

The Number of Handbags the Average Woman Owns

Average Woman Handbag

An average woman owns handbags for different purposes. They can range from 6 to 9 depending on the woman’s taste. Some are for work. Some are for looks and special events, while some are for travel purposes. Some women own handbags for business trips and shopping.

Handbags for Outings 

These types of handbags are usually small, and they can carry limited women’s belongings of small sizes. Some of the items might include lipsticks, face brushes, and mobile devices. They have different shapes and sizes. Some of these handbags are simple in design, and not too extravagant.

Handbags for Special Occasions

These types of handbags are designed for show off. Women don’t touch these except on special occasions. They are small in size. They have attractive designs and are very noticeable. Most women own more than one of these handbags. They pick the one with the perfect colour to match their cloth on special occasions.

Handbags for Work

Bags for work have designs that are different in looks from others. Some business handbags are square or rectangular shapes. They commonly made of leather. You can hang these handbags on your shoulder, and it also comes with a handle on top of the bags. These bags have moderate space to fit some office documents.

Handbags for Shopping

These kinds of bags are large. It is for carrying items from a store or supermarket to the woman’s house. Goods carried with these bags are moderate because the bags have a limit to what it can hold.

Handbags for Long Trips

Bags for long trips are strong. The purpose of these bags is to support the main luggage. It can fit electronic devices and clothes. One example of these kinds of bags is the Tote bag.


How many handbags does an average woman own? An average woman can own between 6 to 8 handbags depending on her status. These handbags can be from simple outing bags, office bags, shopping and travel, and occasions bags.