What Is the Difference between a Purse and a Wallet?

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We make use of a purse or a wallet in our everyday life. Some people even make use of both of them. Without them, we would be finding it hard to keep our valuables safe with us when we are going out. Anytime we are with our wallet or handbag, we’re less worried if one of our items has dropped because it’s always in there. They help us keep our money, cards and even tickets from getting lost. Aside from that, we remember where our valuables are, and they’re with us all the time because they stay fixed in our wallets or purses. Still, some find it hard to tell the difference between a purse and a wallet.

What Is a Purse?

A purse is a bag that people use to carry their belongings, just like a wallet. It usually comes with a strap for hanging over the shoulder. Women use it to keep things such as lipsticks, cosmetics, keys, and other items. They’re the users of purses, and they use it for more than just carrying their valuables. They use it for fashion, to match their outfit. 

A purse is associated with a woman, and it is also called a handbag. It is big enough to carry more than one wallet, but it cannot fit into a trouser’s pocket. Wristlet is a type of purse that is almost as small as a wallet, but it comes with a strap, women hang it over their wrist.

What Is a Wallet?

A wallet is a small flat pocket-sized case that is used for keeping money, ID, credit cards and other smaller things that we make use of daily. They are either made from cloth, leather or other materials, but leather is the most common. Wallets come in different sizes and shapes, till the largest wallet will fit into your Jean pocket. Men and women use wallets, even though they might have different designs.

Men’s wallets come with plain colour and few or no designs, while that of women looks attractive. Most of them are foldable and can fit in the smallest pocket size. Women’s wallets sometimes come with straps so that they can hang it around their wrist.

Uses of a Purse And a Wallet


A purse is a small bag for carrying personal belongings, from small items like a credit card, keys, money and even a pair of clothes. Women things like make-ups and hair clips can also fit in it. It is by nursing mothers to carry baby items like sanitary napkins. Items like tissue paper and hand sanitisers can go into a purse. Unlike a wallet, it is for keeping things that are bigger than a credit card and key.


One of the wallet’s uses include keeping small essential everyday items that we use from getting lost. We tend to remember where our things are when we put them in our wallet, so we put our valuables in it to avoid misplacing them. Some people also use their wallet as a fixed place to keep their things. It is safe there not from getting lost or misplaced, but so that they do not forget them at home when going out. Women sometimes use their wallet for fashion.

Differences Between a Purse And a Wallet

A wallet and a purse

Purse and Wallet Size

There is a clear difference in the size of the two. A small purse is larger than even a bulkier wallet, and several ones can carry items that are larger than a wallet. It can hold a wallet in it, but a wallet can never hold a purse. Its size makes it possible for someone to put a mobile device in it. A big one can even contain a 7-inch tablet device in it. 

The small size of a wallet makes it possible to put it inside a trouser pocket even if it’s bulky. Whereas, it is impossible to put a purse in a trouser pocket. You can fold several wallets to reduce their size to fit easily into a trouser’s pocket, but a purse is too big to fold.

Purse and Wallet Role

A purse can hold many things than just smaller items like cards, money and keys. It can carry other items like phones and earphones and a wallet. A wallet is specifically for keeping smaller things that a person uses in everyday life. The size of these items makes them easy to misplace or lose. 


Women alone are the sole users of purses. Simultaneously, a wallet is used by both men and women, even though their designs may be different.


The difference between a purse and a wallet is clear in terms of size and capacity. Women use purses for keeping things as big as a smartphone and cloth, while both men and women use a wallet to keep smaller valuable items that we use in our everyday life.