Which Handbag Materials should You Buy?

handbag materials you should buy

You can buy any handbag materials you want, depending on your choice. The handbag materials you should buy has to be something you like, and it should be able to meet your needs. It could be for fashion, or for carrying your things. Whatever purpose it may be, it should be something of good quality that you and others would appreciate. Something everyone considers when buying a new handbag is the type of material the producers use in making it.

There are different materials like silk, cotton or leather. All of these materials are good for handbags. The material of a handbag can determine the bag cost, strength, shape and design, and how long it will last. Handbag materials also come in different grades of quality; from low to high quality. The quality of the handbag material will determine the cost of the bag. So, the price of a handbag goes with its quality.

Some Handbag Materials You should Buy

Cotton Canvas

Handbag materials you can buy

Cotton canvas is a rough woven material of the cotton fabric. It is a lightweight fabric when compared to leather. It is easy to maintain; all you need to clean the bag is water and soap. Some cotton canvas handbags are water-resistant. They are inexpensive because of the low manufacturing cost. So, they are one of the most common handbags people carry around today. Bag makers use cotton canvas materials when making bags like shoulder bags, backpack, and travel bags.


handbag materials you should buy

Leather is material from animal skin, and it is the most common material used in making handbags. It is also one of the oldest bag making materials. Leather handbags are strong, tough, and they last longer than any other materials. Animal leathers are of high quality, and they last longer than artificial leathers. A leather bag is suitable if you’re considering buying a handbag for work, shopping, travelling, and casual outings. It is suitable for any of those activities because it is strong and can hold as many things as possible. 

Leather bag is suitable for making a structured bag because you can mould it to any shape. Bag makers use leather in making unstructured bags like the hobo bag. They also use leather in making designer bags. Leather is suitable for making large bags for carrying things, and also for making small fashion handbags for special occasions. Leather handbags are the most expensive types of handbags due to the high-quality leather they use in making some of the bags. Like the cotton canvas, leather bags include a backpack, travel bags, shoulder bags, clutch, crossbody bags, and wallet.


Nylon is a synthetic material, and one of the most common examples of nylon bags is a backpack. Nylon bags come in different types because of the variation in nylon. Ripstop is a nylon that is durable compared to other nylon, and it is resistant to tearing. Ripstop is a lightweight fabric material with a grid pattern on the surface. Packcloth is another type of nylon that is less durable than ripstop. It is a smooth and shiny fabric. They use packcloth in making a backpack, and it has a slick feel when you touch it. Ballistic nylon is also a type of nylon material bag producers use for making travel bags and luggage. The nylon is thick, strong, and it lasts longer than the rest. They use nylon in making bags like a backpack, travel bags and luggage, crossbody bags, and shoulder bags.


Straw is one of the oldest bag materials in existence. They use straw materials to make a handbag by weaving it into any shape of choice. One advantage of a straw bag is that it is easier to maintain than some other bags. Most straw bags have handles to hold them in your hand, but they don’t come with a strap. Some types of straw bags are shoulder bags, crossbody bags, and shopping bags.


Denim is a durable material for making handbags. It is originally for jeans making but they now also use it for making bags. It is good for making bags because of its worn-out appearance. Denim handbags include backpacks, shoulder bags, and crossbody bags.


Cordura is a nylon material that is strong and can withstand tough damages. It is water-resistant and also punctures resistant, and it lasts longer than some other materials. You can use a Cordura bag in extreme weather conditions, but it is an expensive bag you won’t want to risk damaging it. They make some bags with Cordura, and they are backpacks and travel bags.


The kind of handbag materials you should buy are those that are strong, durable, and long-lasting. Some handbag materials of that sort include leather fabric, nylon, silk, denim, and Cordura.