How to choose a Handbag Size for Your Need

Types of Fashion Handbags

You should choose a handbag size for your need based on the occasion, and according to its type and function. There are various handbag sizes you can get out there, but not all sizes are fit for all occasions. Sometimes, you’ll need a big handbag for some activities like shopping, travelling, and work. At other times, a small handbag would be perfect for the occasion. There are some small handbags like minaudiere, clutch, and wristlet. All these bags have their functions, and people use them for different purposes.

When getting a handbag, you should think of what you’ll use it for, and where you will take it to, whether for work or parties. Then, you’ll be able to choose the right handbag size for your need. You should also think of how comfortable it is to carry the bag if you are not comfortable carrying a type of bag, don’t buy one. Pick a handbag size that is comfortable for you to carry around with stress. There are some things you would have to consider when thinking of the right handbag size you want. One thing you should consider is the purpose of the handbag, that is, the use of the bag. Another thing you should consider is some advice on getting the right handbag size.

Choosing a Handbag Size for Your Need

For Work

Tote bag

Handbags for work are usually large enough to hold the essential items you take to work every day. Some of the things you can put in a work bag include tablet device and laptop. These two things are some of the biggest and heaviest things you’ll need to take to work every day. So, when getting a work handbag, you should get a bag that is large enough to contain a laptop. It should also be strong enough to hold it. If you are the kind that carries documents with you, it would be best for you to carry a structured handbag to work so that your documents will remain neat, and in good order.

For Special Occasions

Choose a handbag for your need

You will not be needing a handbag that can contain a laptop when going to a wedding, or date. You will need a handbag for the occasion. For occasions like this, you should get a small stylish handbag you will use for fashion. It might be able to hold smaller and lighter things like lipsticks, smartphones, and cards.

For Shopping

a tote bag

A handbag you will use for shopping should be large enough to carry many things. It should also be strong enough to hold heavy things. So, these kinds of handbags are usually a combination of size and strength. Some of them are rectangular and square-shaped.

For Casual Outings

Choose a handbag for your need

There is no specific size for a handbag you can use for casual outings. You can carry any handbag size you want, depending on your choice. You can carry a small bag that will contain only essential things like your smartphone. You can also carry a large handbag like a tote so that you will be able to pick one or two things from a store while returning home.

Things to Consider for right Handbag Size

Consider What You Carry

Before buying a handbag, you should think of the things you carry with you and get a big enough handbag to carry them. The bag should not be extra big so that you won’t have too much extra space. What you need to consider are things you carry with you every day and those you sometimes carry. You should get a bag that can carry extra things you might not be carrying every day. You also need to think of yourself if you are the kind that gets some things from the store while returning home. It will be good if you get a handbag that can carry these extra things.

Manage the Space

If you carry things you don’t need in your handbag, you might have little space for the important things. Free up some space in your handbag so that you’ll be able to carry more things in the bag. Your handbag should not be a permanent place where you keep or forget some things. Try to remove things you don’t need with you and replace them with those you’ll need where you’re heading, or on your way.

Consider the Strength

A handbag will be of no use to you if it is large enough to carry your things, but not strong enough to hold them for long. You should choose a high-quality handbag that is strong. It can be leather or any other strong materials.

Think of Comfort

It will be of no use having a handbag you are not happy when carrying it. If your handbag is comfortable for you to carry, you feel less stressed. You will also be happy when you carry the handbag, either in your hand or over your shoulder.


To choose a handbag size for your need, you’ll have to consider its uses and examine the bag carefully. A handbag should contain everything you need with you, and it should be comfortable and strong enough to hold your things.