How to Choose a Handbag for Your Body Shape

Choose the Right handbag for your body shape

When getting a bag, choose the right handbag for your body shape so that you won’t look odd in public. If you want to choose a handbag for your body shape, you should look at yourself physically and know your shape. It doesn’t matter if you’re tall, medium height, or short. You might also be slim or chubby. Some handbags designs are fitting for your size and shape. Other body shapes are more than just height and size, and you would have to consider them when choosing a handbag. If you consider your body shape, you’ll pick a handbag that perfectly fits when you carry it.

Aside from considering your body, you should also pick a handbag of the right size and shape. Depending on who you are, your handbag might be or small, structured or unstructured. So, your body size and shape, as well as the handbag size and form, is important when you are choosing a handbag.

Choosing the Right Handbag for Your Body Shape

Petite Women

Petite women are those that are small; they are short and slim. If you are a petite woman, you should not go for an oversized handbag. Instead, go for a small or medium-size handbag. The strap of the bag should also be short or medium in size. Choose vertically shaped handbags, and ignore wider or slouchy handbags because you will look shorter carrying them. So, your handbag should be structured and of appropriate size.

Rectangle-shaped Women

A rectangle shape woman is one with the shoulder, waist, hips on the same line from the top to the down. Don’t go for bags that have long straps that fall below your hips. Instead, you should pick a that fits under your armpits. The handbag should be one that helps add curves to your body. You can go for shoulder bags like a tote and hobo.

Apple-shaped Women

Choose a Handbag For your body shape

Apple-shaped women are wide bust and narrow hips. You should go for a handbag that will draw attention away from your wide bust. Avoid any short strap handbag and go for a structured handbag with long straps. You should choose a bag that is of medium size; not too big or small. The bag should have a strap for hanging over the shoulder, not across the body.

Tall and Slender Women

These types of women are tall and thin in appearance. If you’re tall and slender, ignore structured handbags and embrace the slouchy ones. You don’t need a handbag with short straps instead, go for one with longer straps. Avoid handbags that are extra big and wide, and even a smaller bag is not an option. One example of a slouchy bag is the hobo handbag.

Pear-shaped Women

Choose a Handbag For your body shape

Pear-shaped women have lower weight at the lower part of their body around their hips and thighs. If you’re pear-shaped, you should stay away from handbags that draw attention to the lower part of your body. Avoid bags with long straps that reach your hips or thighs. You should go for a bag with short straps that end above your lower part. A slouchy bag is not for you, but you should go for a structured bag such as a tote.

Plus-size Women

Plus-size women are sometimes tall with a big bust, hips and thighs. If you are a plus-size woman, don’t for bags that are too small or too large. A small bag will make you look too big while a very large bag will draw attention to your hips and thighs. You should pick a medium-size or large handbag but not too large. When picking, don’t go for a slouchy bag like the hobo bag. The bag can be a structured bag, depending on your choice.

Hour-glass Women

Choose a Handbag For your body shape

Hour-glass women have a balanced shoulder with wide hips and thighs, and a thin waist. If you’re an hour-glass woman, what you need is a handbag with long straps to make the bag go below your waist or hips. There are a variety of bags which hour-glass women can choose from, bags like tote, hobo, satchel bag, and clutch. Hour-glass women have body shapes that go with many bags, whether big or small, structured or slouchy.


When buying a bag, choose a handbag for your body shape by considering your body size and form. You should also consider the size, shape and strap length of the handbag.