What are some Types of Travel Bags for 2021

Types of Travel Bags

There are some types of travel bags for 2021 that you can get in stores, but the ones we will discuss below are different. Travelling is something everyone loves, especially when it is for vacation. It can be stressful for you if you don’t have the right bag to put your belongings. It would not be fitting to put your things in two or more small bags when travelling. You should keep the joy of travelling by getting an appropriate travel bag that is big enough to contain all your belongings. It should not be too large or small for your belongings. Instead, you should get a perfect bag for your things. You need to think of comfort when buying one. Fashion is not only limited to small handbags alone.

Today, many people buy designer travel bags they use for fashion. So, travel bags have evolved from what they used to be. There are now attractive and beautiful travel bags out there you can buy.

Travel Bag

A travel bag is a rectangular bag for carrying a person’s personal belongings, clothes, shoe, and other items. As its name implies, people often use it while travelling. When getting a travel bag, you should go for the appropriate one. There are many advantages of using the appropriate travel bags, and one is that your things will be safe. You will be able to keep an eye on the bag. Another one is comfort; you will feel less stressed handling one bag than three bags. They are different types of travelling bags, each of them is fitting for different purposes. Makers use different materials like canvas and leather in making a travel bag.

Types of Travel Bags for 2021

The wheeled backpack

As its name implies, the wheeled backpack is a combination of both the backpack and the suitcase. You can wear this bag like a backpack, and you can also handle it like a suitcase. The bag comes with a wheel you can roll on the ground, and it also has straps you can hang over your shoulder when the area is not suitable for a wheel. It is a travel bag that would give you comfort because it is not too big. It is the same as a normal backpack, but some may be bigger. There is a handle at the top and side of the bag you can use in holding it. It has an outer zip pocket, and the main compartment comes with a secure zip.

The Wheeled Luggage

Types of Travel Bags

Like the backpack, this bag has two wheels you can roll on the ground. Other variants have four wheels that can spin. The rolling luggage is a travel bag with a big compartment containing most of the necessary belongings you might need at your destination. There two pockets outside that are zipped, you can put some smaller and slimmer items in there. It comes with a handle at the top that you can use to lift the bag.

The Travel Backpack


The travel pack is a bag design for comfort. Like a regular backpack, it has two straps to hang over your shoulder, putting the bag at your back. It gives you comfort because when you carry this bag, your hands will be free. If you are tired of carrying the backpack on your back, it has one handle at the top and another at the side. You grab the backpack in any of these handles and continue your journey. Some people use it as an emergency bag; you can put your essential belongings in it and leave.

The Travel Tote

Types of Travel Bags

Everyone knows a tote bag is always a large you can use for various purposes. One of the uses of a tote bag is for travel, and it is a comfortable bag for that purpose. Like a regular tote, the travel tote is big and has two handles for holding in your hand, and you can hang it over your shoulder. The travel tote has only one big compartment you can put all your essential belongings you might need in your journey. Some people carry a tote bag alongside their luggage.

The Weekender

The weekender is a large rectangular bag that can carry your belongings. It has two handles at the top for holding it in your hand. You can also hang a weekender bag over your shoulder depending on the length of the handles. Some weekender bags come with a strap to hang over your shoulder. You don’t have to worry too much about your things’ safety in the bag because it has a strong zip at the top.

The Duffel Bag

Types of Travel Bags

The duffel bag is a big cylindrical bag with two parallel handles for holding in your hand, and a strap for hanging over your shoulder. It is a secure bag because it has a zip closure, and it also has side pockets with zips.

The Hardside Spinner Bag

The hard side bag is a travel bag with a hard case. It has four wheels, and those wheels are capable of spinning. The bag is rigid and weather resistant because the makers use polycarbonate materials in making it.

The Rolling Duffel Bag

The rolling duffel bag is stylish and beautiful. The difference between a regular duffel and a rolling duffel is the wheel on the rolling duffel. The bag has two wheels, and two long handles to hold it in your hand. There are also outer pockets where you can keep other valuables in it.


All the mentioned types of travel bags for 2021 serve the same purposes but may differ in size. You can use them to carry your things when travelling, and some of them have attractive looks.