What Colour Handbag Goes With Everything?

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You might asked that what colour handbag goes with everything? Choosing the right colour handbag that goes with everything might be difficult. This is a problem we often face when deciding on the perfect colour combination of our outfits. It is good to know which colour handbag goes with everything. Sometimes, people stand staring in front of their wardrobe for several minutes or even hours and wondering which colour handbag would best match their dress and shoes. You should know that some colours either clash or match. A color clash is when a dress and a bag of different colours gives out sharp contrast that is hardly appealing to the eye. This can even causwe headaches.


Matching colours are when a dress and a bag of two different colours blend when placed side by side. This fashion will look nice to the eye. There are groups of colours called neutral colours, and they match nicely with other colours. These colours do not fight other colours. Instead, they blend with them. You can put on any outfit with any neutral colour handbags. Neutral, metallic, and green are some of the best colour handbags that go with everything. First, let’s look at some of these neutral colours.

Neutral Colours In Color Handbag

Neutral colours are colours that goes with everything. They are hues that appear without colour, and they usually complement other colours. There are four main neutral colours, and they are black, white, brown and grey. These four are the pure ones because they don’t have any hue undertone.


Black goes well with other colours, and it is the strongest among the neutral colours collection. A black color handbag goes well with everything. It would be a perfect match for any outfit.


The brown colour is natural and warm. It is the most common among the colours.


White goes well with other colours such as black, grey, metallic and brown. A white color handbag is often seen as classic.


Grey colour appears sleek and modern, and they go smoothly with other colours.

Colour Handbag That Goes With Everything

Colour handbag

Black Color Handbag

Black is a colour that will go smoothly with any outfit. It is considered a classic colour. A black bag is suitable for any occasion, whether formal or casual. It looks good in different designs, and even when it comes with straps in which you can hang over your shoulder.

White Color Handbag

A white bag is fitting for any outfit. It comes in two types which are pure white and off white. Both of them are suitable for formal and casual outfits. A colour handbag that comes in white is usually considered as classic.

Charcoal Color Handbag

Like black, a charcoal colour handbag goes with everything. If you’re wearing a blue, pink, red or white dress, you should consider carrying a charcoal colour handbag. It is a near-neutral colour.

Brown Colour Handbag

Brown is a colour that goes with any outfits, whether warm or cool. You can use an espresso brown colour handbag with any warm colour cloth in your wardrobe. It matches some metallic outfit like gold and teal.

Light grey Colour Handbag

A Light grey color handbag is suitable for both formal and casual outfits. It matches more with a formal dressing mode. You can carry a light grey bag to match your scarf, hat or jewellery.

Green Colour Handbag

Like nature green, a green color handbag goes with any outfit, particularly those with bright colour. A green colour handbag would be nice with white, blue, red, and black dresses. You can brighten your looks by carrying a green color handbag. It would complement almost any colour you combine with it. Olive green matches well with medium colour, and you can use it with navy and black. An olive green color handbag should blend with the colour of your scarf and belt.

Metallic Colour Handbag

When searching for a handbag that can match various colours, you should consider going for a metallic handbag. It can help to enhance your outfit rather than drawing attention away from it. Metallic colour includes gold, silver, and copper. They are a perfect colour for any season; you can wear them at any time of the year. Metallic colours can be clashing if you wear them together, for example, gold and silver. So, they are best worn with other colours. Metallic handbags are suitable for a casual look, especially with blue jeans.

Teal Colour Handbag

Teal is beautiful, and a teal color handbag will look flattering on you. It doesn’t only match all skin tones, but it complements them. Teal colour Handbags match with brown, navy and black outfits.

Navy Colour Handbag

Handbag with navy color looks great in other outfits except for black. You can use a navy colour handbag with olive green or teal.

Multicoloured Handbag

A multicolour handbag can go with any color of cloth you have in your wardrobe. This colour will make whatever you are wearing standout. When you’re getting a multicolour handbag, go for the one with colours similar to most of your dress at home.


Some color handbag that go with everything is the one that complement other colours, not clashing with them. Neutral, metallic, and green are some of the best colours hi that go with everything.