Best Women Handbags for Work

Types of tote bags in style

The best women handbags for work are bags that can carry all the essential things she’ll need in her work. Most women’s handbags are usually small and stylish, and they might not be suitable for work. There are women’s handbags that you can use for work, and some of them still come in style. These handbags can fit some things like documents, tablet devices, laptops, and other things. Those are the things she uses at work every day, and she’ll need to take them to work daily. It is more comfortable to carry them in one handbag than carrying two bags like one handbag, and another bag for a laptop and documents. 

Handbags that are for work are usually strong because of the type of things they would carry. Things like laptops can be heavy and could damage a bag made from low-quality materials. They are also big so that they can carry medium and large size laptops.  

Women Handbags

Women handbags are handbags designed for women. The makers usually design them for different purposes. There are bags for special occasions, casual outings and travelling. There are also handbags for work. Women handbags come with straps to either hold them in your hand or hang them over your shoulder. They produce women handbags from different materials depending on their purpose. Some of the materials include silk, cotton, canvas and leather. Some handbags are stronger than others due to their functions. Handbags for work, shopping bags, and handbags for short trips are bags that the manufacturers make with strong materials.

Women Handbags for WorkWomen handbags also come in structured and unstructured form; the structured handbags are good for formal occasions and work, while the unstructured ones are fit for casual occasions and shopping. Women handbags come in different sizes; some are as small as a purse while others are big. There are also different types of women handbags such as tote bag, satchel bag, bucket bag, wristlet, hobo bag, mini handbag, minaudiere, clutch bag, crossbody bag, and shoulder bag. A woman can have all these handbags because they are bags for different occasions.

Women Handbags for Work

Faux Leather Tote Handbag

The faux leather tote bag is a stylish and classic handbag every woman would love to carry to work. The bag comes with straps to hold it in your hand or hang it over your shoulder. The bag also has magnetic closure making it easy to reach inside the bag. The bag is big, and it can fit a laptop as big as 15inch in it. With a 15inch laptop in it, the bag still has space for you to carry other things like a wallet or wristlet.

A Top Handle Work Tote Handbag

This bag is a structured work tote bag with its handle at the top. The bag has a nice look, and it comes with a strap so that you can hang it over your shoulder. The bag has plenty of space in it to fit all your documents and a tablet device, but it cannot fit a laptop. The bag is rectangular, and it is great for work.

The Form Bag

A form handbag has a comfortable, and adjustable strap you can hang over your shoulder. The bag comes with an automatic magnetic snap-closure system at the top. This closure system helps to keep your things safe from being stolen. You can put your tablet device and laptop inside the bag when going to work.

The Medium Shopping Bag

The medium shopping bag is a carry-all bag that comes with two straps for hanging over the shoulder, and also two handles for holding it in your hand. The bag can fit your essential work items, including a laptop, and a tablet device.

Top Zip Satchel

The top zip satchel handbag is a leather bag with both handles to hold it in your hand, and a strap so that you can hang it over your shoulder, or around your body like a crossbody bag. As it implies, a has a zipper at the top so that your things wouldn’t get stolen by thieves.

The Work Tote Handbag

The work tote bag is a large tote with two handles at the top, and it has a box shape. It can fit all your essential work items, including your laptop that might be as big as 16inch. This work tote bag is best in neutral colours like black.

The Universal Laptop Bag

This is a rectangular handbag with two handles so that you can hold it in your hand. The bag has a zipper closure to keep your belongings safe. You can carry all your essential documents, and phones in it. As its name implies, you can also carry a laptop in it.


The best women handbags for work are bags that can fit the essential items a woman carries to work every day. The bag should be large enough to hold a laptop, a tablet device and some documents.