8 Women Handbags Under £40

Types of tote bags in style

There are more than 8 women handbags under £40, but these 8 are some kinds of handbags you’ll like to own. These handbags come in different kinds like a tote, satchel, crossbody bag, hobo, and clutch. You don’t have to be rich to own these bags, and you also should not think that it’s only the expensive bags that can be stylish. The use of handbags goes beyond carrying things. Instead, people use handbags for fashion these days. Even if your income is not high, you are not left out from owning a stylish and quality handbag. You can save money by buying modest and quality handbags at an affordable rate. 

8 Women Handbags Under £40

Beige Luxury Wallet

Women Handbags Under £40The beige Luxury wallet is a small bag you can use as fashion accessories. The bag has multiple designs that run across it. The beige wallet is thick and hard and would last long. They make the bag from quality materials of fine leather. Even though the bag is a small one, you can still fit valuable items like your smartphone, lipstick and credit card in it. This bag is a woman fashion handbag. It is rectangular and comfortable to carry. This bag cost £17

Women Red Crossbody Bag

Women Handbags Under £40

For £18, the red crossbody bag makes you comfortable when you carry it. You’ll have free hands, and you can use it to hold other things you need to carry as you walk. The red colour of the bag makes it fitting for different outfits. The bag is also available in different colours.  They make the bag with PU leather; this leather makes the bag durable and rugged. Due to its durability, you can use the bag frequently, even as your everyday bag. The bag has inner pockets where you can keep things like your cash, and it also has a strong zip to secure your bags from pickpockets.

Women Cute Crossbody Bag

Women Handbags Under £40

The white crossbody bag is as low as £15. This bag gives you comfort when you carry it because of its adjustable and detachable shoulder strap. It has a short strap so that you can hang it around your wrist. It comes with a nice white colour that will complement your outfits because it matches with dresses of several colours. The bag is small, and it can contain your essential items like cash, keys and phones. They make the bag with PU leather, and it makes it durable.

Black Leather Set Bag

Black leather set bag

This is a bag with a flap and handles. The handbag is big and with a large space. You can put your belongings like a wallet, tablet device, cosmetics, and smartphones in the bag. The bag comes in black colour, and this colour is fitting with several outfits because it is a neutral colour. The handbag comes with both a handle and a strap to hang it over your shoulder.

Brown Leather Women Handbag 

Brown leather handbag

For £17, this handbag is a good quality leather bag. It can fit several dresses in your wardrobe because brown is a neutral colour. The handbag is well protected and secure from thieves. It has a strong zip and a flap that closes the top. Brown leather handbag for women is a bag that will last long because of its strong and durable materials. It has a strap that makes you comfortably hang it across your shoulder.

Yellow Saddle Bag with Buckle

Yellow Saddle Bag

The saddlebag comes for £21. It is a bag that you can carry on special occasions. You can carry it comfortably anywhere you go because of its long and adjustable strap. Its bright yellow colour makes it attractive and suitable for fashion. It has enough space where you can put your valuables whenever you’re going out. They make the bag with strong leather materials, which makes it long-lasting. The bag has a strong zip and a flap you can close with a buckle, making it a very secure bag.

Black Leather Saddle Bag

Women Handbags Under £40

The saddlebag comes for £17. The black leather saddlebag is a leather bag of high quality materials, and it is a strong bag that you can use every day, and for a long time. The black neutral colour makes the bag beautiful and fits with several outfits in your wardrobe. It has a long you can hang comfortably over your shoulder, giving you free hands for other things. The bag contains most of your things you’ll need when you’re going out. You can also use this black leather bag for fashion.

Women White Tote Bag

Women Handbags under £40

The white tote bag is a beautiful handbag with a price of £30. It has both a handle and a strap; you can hold it in your hand and hang it comfortably around your shoulder. The tote has both an inner pocket and outer pocket with zipping, and you can keep your things in them. It also has a strong zip at the top. The white colour of the bag makes it to go with several outfits. The bag is suitable for both formal and casual outings. 


These 8 women Handbags under £40 are bags made from quality materials; you can use them for different purposes. You can use them as a work bag, in casual outings and when going for special occasions.