How Much Does the Average Woman Spend on Purses?

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Every woman owns a purse, and they don’t just have only one. They have collections of them, which can cost a lot to buy. Generally, people tend to associate purses with women, that’s why when we are talking about them, we are talking about women. Women value them very much, just like they do to their cloth and shoes. Also, these purses vary in sizes and prices, and they sometimes call them handbags. So, how much does the average woman spend on purses?

What Is a Purse?

A purse is a bag with straps that a person can hang over the shoulder. Women often use to carry their valuables, such as keys, money, make-up, and other personal items. Also, people use purses for more than just conveying their belongings. They are more than just to keep your belongings, sometimes they tell you about the wearer’s style. 

Nowadays, many people use purses just for fashion sake. That is why fancy ones are more expensive than others, although they come at different types and prices. No matter how fancy or classic purses are designed today, they are still affordable for the average woman. They can cost from as low as £40 to costly designer ones at around £2000 or more. 

What The Average Woman Spends on Purses

The amount of money an average woman spends on purses varies by region and age. Older women tend to have more of them than younger ones. Also, they spend more money when buying them than the younger ones. Nowadays, it is uncommon to see a woman who has just one purse.

 The minimum a woman has is three, while the average number is six. Older women sometimes own more than seven of them, while younger women might own less than that, but it does mean that some younger women don’t have more than seven purses.

How often an average woman spends more to buy purses also determines how much she would spend on them annually. On average, women add three new ones to their collections every year. Some women don’t buy theirs yearly; they buy a new purse every three to four months. Some can spend up to £150, and they can own about eleven of them. Also, few women own up to twenty of them.

A large number of average women spend between £15-£60 annually on buying purses, while some women spend between £150 and £200 yearly. A few percent spend above £200, while fewer women spend over £400 on them per year. Generally, the average amount a woman spends on purses is between £50 and £80.

Different Kinds of Purses

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Purses come in different shapes and sizes. Some people often refer to some of these purses as handbags, so when people sometimes refer to them as a handbag, do not be confused.

Shoulder Bag

You can hang a shoulder bag over your shoulder. Also, it is big enough to convey the personal belongings of a woman. You can use this bag both formally and casually.

Evening Clutch

Women called these bags evening accessories. The bag has many uses, which include date night, wedding and other kinds of parties. Most women love this bag because it is not a burden to them.

Foldover Clutch

Foldover Clutch is a nice looking purse with festive looks. It doesn’t have a clutch, so you will have to hold it in your hand. It is suitable for dates and parties.


Envelope bag comes without a strap, so you will have to carry it in your hand throughout the evening. Although it is a bag with evening looks, it is also suitable for festive activities.

Hobo Bag

Women use this stylish bag for numerous activities, including evening outings and holiday trips. Also, this is a crescent shape bag.


You can hang this purse around your wrist. It is small, and you can carry things like money, lipstick, and even phones, in it.

Backpack Purse

The backpack purse is a casual style purse often used by students. It is suitable for casual outings and travelling.


This bag comes with single straps and numerous colours. The bag is suitable for outings both in day and night, social events, and for travelling. This bag is perfect for young women.


How much does the average woman spend on purses? On average, a woman spends between £50 and £200 on them yearly. The number of purses a woman has depends on how often she buys a new one, whether monthly or yearly. Her age also plays a role in how regularly, and how much she spends on a purse.