How Many Handbags Should a Woman Own?

Lovely handbags a woman should own

The number of Handbags a woman should own largely depends on her status, class, price of bags, and taste. The woman’s age can also be a factor to consider, but it might not be as relevant as how current she is in terms of fashion. Some women might see Handbags as just for carrying their belongings, and might not see any need to get a new one unless the old one is damaged somehow. Others feel differently about them; they consider them as a necessity. Also, they see buying new ones as a way of upgrading themselves. But what exactly is a handbag?

Women Handbags and Their Uses

Handbags are a type of bag mostly small, and people use them to carry their personal belongings. However, some of these handbags are sometimes large. Today, women often take handbags around with them. It is rare to see a woman on the street without any form of bag or purse. 

Women often use them for conveying their valuables and other stuff such as their money, keys, credit cards, cosmetics and official documents. Women also use handbags for other things like evening outings, fashion, and travelling.

Handbags Prices

Just like purses, the number of handbags a woman would own depends on how affordable it is in the market. A simple one can cost from as low as £59 to £300. Handbags within these price ranges are easy to buy, and a woman can have up to six to nine depending on her taste. 

A woman can also have many of them depending on her needs. For example, if she is working-class, she will have one, two, or more handbags for taking to work. That will be in addition to the rest of the bags she has for other scenarios such as shopping, casual outings, and travelling. 

Designers handbags are expensive, and they can cost from about £400 to £2000 and above. Women who buy these kinds of bags are usually classic, and some may use it to show off. These kinds of bags are from quality materials, they are strong, and they tend to last longer than ordinary bags. 


Celebrities and other wealthy women love this kind of bag because it differentiates them from the crowds. This kind of bag also speaks about those carrying them. They often give people the impression that anyone who owns one must be wealthy and current in fashion.

The Woman Class and Status

Wealthy Women

Wealthy women often own many handbags, and they are for different scenarios. Women of this status don’t just buy any bag but the best. They don’t like carrying ordinary bags because it is of less quality, cheap and less classic. 

These women buy mostly designer bags like Gucci, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, and Saint Laurent. Wealthy women have as many bags as they want in their possession, even though they might not touch some in months.


Women in this class have many bags because they have financial freedom. They buy both designer and ordinary bags. Also, they have lots of bags in their collections. These bags range from office bags; they can be from three to five in their possession, to bags for casual outings, shopping and travelling. They can have from about eleven to twenty bags in possession.

Other Women

This category of women includes the average housewife and students. Their possession of bags is usually for specific purposes such as shopping, casual outings, formal meetings, and travelling. Although they also buy bags from time to time, their spending is limited because they depend on their spouse or parent for money. Women in this category own around six to nine bags depending on how much they get from their mate or parent. 

Some women are very interested in bags so they tend to buy bags frequently even if they don’t need them. These women don’t necessarily have to be rich, but they only consider getting any handbags they like or the latest one, a necessity. Women like these usually have more twenty handbags. 

Some women who don’t believe in buying a new bag unless the former one is damaged. They are not of that view maybe because they don’t have enough money. They cut across all status and classes of women. These kinds of women claim to be simple, and they can have only three handbags.


The number of handbags a woman owns depends on her taste, status and class, price of bags, and psychology. A woman can own handbags as little as three, and as much as twenty.